What motivates you?

I am commonly motivated when people doubt me, when I’m told not many people do a certain something, or when it’s said that something CAN’T be done.

I’m motivated by things that aren’t normal. I mean doing things in a process or way that isn’t completely conventional.

I am also commonly motivated by pain. When I see people suffer, when I see people hurting, when my heart breaks, and I can’t not do something.

My worst motivation is pressure. I do best under pressure, which I suppose is a good thing considering my Art of Procrastination I am so fond of.

I may be weird in the way I’m motivated, but I know how I get motivated.

How are you motivated? What’s your motivation that pushes you through the day? What fire do you need to see rekindled to set a fiery trail? Find it. Then do something.


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