life as a story

Living life as a story radically challenges my paradigm of being so goal oriented.
The more I read, the more I grow, the more I change, and hopefully the better I become.
Donald Miller wrote an awesome blog post about living life as a story, or as if your life was a dvd and asking yourself what would it say on the back of the box. I love the challenge in the post.

Sometimes I set my life so much after goals, that I forget the in between. I forget the story of chasing or climbing. Well I don’t forget when it’s done, but I forget in the middle. I forget that my story is being written every moment, that while things come and go and come to pass a new story is being written. The story of my life.

I also love knowing that I have my stories. I have a lot of stories, and I love to tell them.

On another note of living life as a story, recently I’ve been exposed to the idea of the Bible being God’s story. I know quite a few people have said it and used this terminology, but only recently has it really caught my mind and heart. This book we call the Bible is God’s story through humanity. It helps to show us who He is, and the things he has done. This idea is much more attractive to me, than using it as a rule book, how to book, A DIY manual, or even a quick fix book. I like to look at it as His story, and I want to bring His story to intersect my story as much as possible.


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