get a little wet

I posted a tweet the other day that read

“I love you rain, I just don’t like it when you get me wet.”

I think this is many of our mentality with much of Jesus.

I love your grace, but don’t make me give it to other people.

I love your power, but I want it to be for my way.

I love your sacrifice, but do I have to sacrifice too?

I love how you’ve forgiven me, but do I have to forgive everyone else?

I love you Jesus, i just want to do my thing, and of course say it’s all for you.

Yes I said this. It’s tough, hardly anyone will admit this, but many of us think it.

Maybe we don’t even think it outright, but subconsciounsly we do.

Maybe Jesus just wants you to get a little wet, and follow him.

I can’t tell you what to do, ask Him for yourself.


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