Money… the necessary evil.

I hate money. I really do, but then I love money as well.

I hate it because it is required. I have to have money to live, to eat, to travel, to buy starbucks (yes I’m sitting here at Starbucks writing this),  to read my books I so love to read, to spend on my wonderful girlfriend, (Kasie, I’m finally mentioning you in a post, happy now? :)) to go to school, to learn, to have this computer I’m typing on, and so many other things that we couldn’t do without money. I also hate money, because I don’t have a lot.

Lately I’ve started donating plasma to get some extra cash (I need it, because I spend too much time in coffee shops). Donating plasma is a decent thing. At first I felt weird about it, and kind of embarrassed, but the money is necessary, and it’s helping people that need it as well, but that just makes me feel better about it.

I also get frustrated about money, because I wish I could give more away. I love being generous, but it’s hard with the little income I have. I am trying to be a good steward with what I’m given, but really I’m probably not the best. I’m trying to learn to do better, and my accounting classes are helping a lot with that. I know I complain a lot on twitter about my accounting classes, but really it’s just that my teacher actually requires us to work. Most other teachers at kirkwood haven’t really made me work to get a decent grade. I wish they all would, but then I’m happy to get the easy grade as well.

I do not mean to complain too much, and this is not a feel pity on adam, because he doesn’t have money, but it’s just what’s on my mind. After all this is my blog and my random life, and I just want to let whoever might read it into my mind a little more.

…………btw I am very thankful for all I’m given, and all the financial help I have been given. I am so blessed to have supportive family and friends that have helped me out beyond all belief. I can’t over emphasize how thankful I am, even if I may not always seem that way.


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