heart broken

i’m sitting here thinking about people.

my heart is breaking for them.

i wish i could share this love Jesus has for us to everyone, and show them he loves them so much.

my heart is for people who don’t know him.

that don’t or can’t understand his love, because they’ve never really experienced love from any of his people.

i get mad at christians.

we don’t represent very well.

this also translates to getting mad at myself for not being the hands and feet as much as i can.

my heart is breaking for people more and more.

the more i walk, talk, and read with jesus the more of a holy conviction i feel to go love people more.

i want to give everything to this cause.

this is why i do what i do.

this is why i want and will pastor people.

to show this love.

if you don’t know his love, i’m so sorry for all the bad things that “God’s people” have done to you, for what i’ve done to you, for what anyone has done to you, and i’m so sorry for everything that you’ve gone through.

most of all i love you.

i realize in just the few minutes it took to write this that it is easy to make an us and them. we are all people. i am sorry for making an us and them out of anything.

love wins.



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