Why do I blog?

To be completely honest, I blog because I think it’s fun to share my random thoughts on life. I hope I can inspire and challenge some, but really it’s somewhat of an outlet for me. I like to think people read my stuff, but even if they don’t I’ll still add my thoughts here. I’m okay with being wrong sometimes, and I’m okay with failing sometimes too (as long as I learn from that failure). If you’re reading this I hope you have some sort of outlet to let out(let out, I guess that is kind of an outlet huh? Yes I’m weird, I like it.) your thoughts and feelings. You never know who’s watching or reading. And you never know who you might affect.

Also, I’m okay with my bad grammar. That’s the beauty of managing your own website. I don’t like to look ignorant, but I don’t stress too much on this detail. I try to be as organic (no I’m not talking food), as possible with not too many additives to my life.


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