Major Success

Our Love Wins Campaign yesterday rocked! I had hoped for about 6 or 7 volunteers to have two teams and hopefully touch about 60-70 homes. We had 17 people show up, and we hit about 250 homes! It was 34 degrees out and snowing. Pastor and I had decided to cancel, then all our volunteers started showing up, and said “why wouldn’t we? It’s Iowa, it’ll just get colder, we can handle this” so we went. We met a lot of people, and helped out a few. Yesterday was really introductory, and just got to meet a lot of people. We ended up doing some work, as one family did not have running water working in their home, but we are getting it hooked up for them. Hopefully we’ll get that project done tomorrow, as a few of us go back in the afternoon! I love this! Such a great day! Jesus is good. On our way to live this thing called church and love everyone!

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