This past weekend I visited Dallas. It was a great time to visit my friends down there. I love those people so much. I went to Relevant Church and it was really great to be with Frontline Worship again for the weekend, and heard John Alcala speak. He is the Invictus USA, college ministry, pastor at Relevant. Saturday I went to my kids’ house. When I say kids I mean the kids I picked up every Sunday and took to church, which they are still going to church Praise Jesus. While I was at their apartment, which is 7 people in a two bedroom, the one boy, Giovanni, took me into their bedroom and showed me inside his wardrobe. In the wardrobe was a picture of me with Giovanni and his brother Alex. It was the only picture glued in the wardrobe. On the other door was my cross necklace that I gave to Giovanni for his birthday. I thought he lost it, because he never wore it, but he really just didn’t want to lose it. I love these kids so much. It was such a blessing to me to see them again this weekend. It was a great trip and I’m so glad I got to see my friends, but I’m happy here in Iowa for the time being.


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