Sleeping Life

Waking people up to realize how important and powerful their life is.

Sleeping Life is what my next 5 weeks will consist of. James Yeley, a roommate from MCUSA in Dallas, and I will be traveling and speaking at youth groups and churches from California to Arkansas. Our main focus is to be proactive in the fight against suicide and depression. We are by far not counselors, but definitely good at being a friend. We want to help people realize how important they are, not only to God, but to other people as well, and to help them live their life to the maximum potential.

Our vision is to bring a message of hope and value to people across the country. We want to help a culture plagued with depression and suicidal thoughts and bring new perspective on their purpose in life.

We will be starting this adventure June 1, 2009 and concluding July 12, 2009. For booking please contact us at:

This will be a new season for me, since MC is done. More to come on the end of that, and the transisition to the new!

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