Ambiguity is being put on by Masters Commission USA. Masters Commission USA has classes of drama, ministry development, dance, and music. The drama final project was to create a full stage production including: writing the script, finding the venue, action, creating props, makeup, set design, costume design and creation, fundraising, marketing, lighting, sound, musical creation, directing, and all else that goes into a stage production. This is our production. We are not charging anything to see our show, but we will be taking up a free-will offering at the end of the show to raise money for a ministry in our Church called 2 Your Soul.

In the land of Piccadilly there lives a race of beings called Piccas. Piccas posses markings of different colors on their skin according to their age, gender, and temperament. Long ago a certain Picca was strolling through the land of Piccadilly when a colossal book fell from the sky onto the path before him opening to the word “chief”. This Picca then deduced that he was now the chief of all the Piccas. He also concluded that every Picca should consult this book for their new identity. He named it “The Ginormous Book Of Words”. So it came to pass that when Piccas reach the age of 216 moons (18 years old) they are bestowed a name from “The Ginormous Book Of Words”. Our story begins with a teenage Picca named Zoe. Life for Zoe is what one would consider ideal. She has everything a young teenage Picca could ever hope for, loving parents, social status, impeccable boyfriend, ravishing features and a devoted best friend. Life is going swell for our young Picca friend, but as the day of the naming ceremony nears, little does she know, her whole world is about to be flipped upside down.

I’m really excited for this play. I got to help write the script, and have an amazing one line in it! We’ve put a lot of work into it, and everyone should come check it out next week in Coppell!


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