I’m not a person that wears their emotions very much. I can think of two times this year in MC that I’ve cried, it rare that I actually laugh out loud, and I’ve been told multiple times I look like a sad person or mad person.

Most of the times when people ask if I’m sad or mad, I’m not. I don’t know why I don’t wear my emotions at all. Tonight I was not in a good mood, felt frustrated and stressed in my head, when a friend looks at me and says, “Dude, do you worry about anything?” In reality I was worrying about a million things, but on my face I don’t let people know. Is this weird? As a leader I think it’s good not to wear your emotion too much, so the people you lead don’t become worried, but then should leaders worry?

I think leaders should worry, but not fear. They should worry enough to feel the weight on their shoulders, but not scared enough where they can’t move on.

A lot is going through my head, just wanted to throw something out there. So much stuff going on, but I love life. I’m ready to see my family.


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