Christian. . . or sucky

In our world we live in the word Christian has become very different than the meaning. When it comes to shows, music, productions, movies, and other such things when attached to the word Christian automatically means that it will suck. I understand that not all Christians sucks, but neither are all things labeled Christian actually Christ Following!

I have a theory that popped into my head the other day about why Christian stuff sucks. Well, if you look at the typical youth group or at least my picture stuck in my head of the typical youth group, and no this has nothing to do with any youth group I have ever attended. If you look at the youth groups a lot of times they primarily consist of the loser kids. The kids no one else wants to hang out with, which is why we reach and love them. I am in no way saying reaching the unloved is wrong, but why not go for the kids that are harder to reach as well; the leaders, the jocks, and the “preppy kids”.

My theory is that these “loser kids” grow up into our adult devout church members, and create crappy stuff. If most people didn’t like what they liked as children, then this might not change when they grow up. Thus taking the non-cool ideas with them their whole life. I will have more to come on this in a later post.


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