God is good to me!

This is how I felt last week. I Journaled this on 1/29/09, but didn’t get the chance to blog it:

Who am I? I feel like I am in the center of God’s will for my life. I feel like his favor is on me in everything I do. I got on the Youth Impact team, I made the writing team for our drama final, people that talk to me love me (at least the seem to), I got on the outreach team, I’m impacting people’s lives in a bigger way then I myself possibly can do, I get big roles in different things, I get chosen to speak quite a bit, and I get to speak at The Hub on Sunday (The Hub is the youth ministry of Relevant Church). Who am I to get all these opportunities. I am a child of God and my Father continues to bless me beyond all I deserve. I continue to be in awe of what he does for me.

That was an amazing week. I spoke at the Hub and thought it went well, after I spoke my little bit, we went to Living Hope Church in Coppell, Texas and I got to speak again. I didn’t feel as great about the way I spoke on Wednesday, but I did get some positive feedback which always builds up the confidence. I thank God for everything He has been doing for me!


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