Christian vs. Secular

I heard someone say the other day “The Christian world not the Secular world.” I am taken a little back by this comment, as many Christians carry it. They view the Christian world and Secular world as two different things. I honestly think that idea only exists to Christians, and I think it sucks. Why must we live in a Christian world, and not a human world?

Jesus himself lived as a human. He lived among the people. He didn’t stay with the holy, in fact he primarily spent his time with the unholy. Why then do we only hold ourselves to Christian life? Why do “Christian” things primarily suck. Most events, shows, and music by Christians suck. (I understand not all of it sucks, but generally as a rule of thumb if it’s a “Christian [fill in the blank] then it sucks) Does God not call us to be excellent? To me I think we need to stop viewing the world as two different things and intertwine ourselves into it more. I’m not saying to compromise our character, but to live among non-Christian people, to create excellent art, to be the most creative and innovative people we can be.

I don’t like to call myself a Christian, but rather a Follower of Christ, for the fact connotations that come with the word Christian. I personally have a hard time with Christians sometimes. Maybe I’m too critical, but then again maybe my ideas will change others, who knows!? Caleb and Joshua had their opinions that no one else agreed with, maybe I’m like them, or maybe I’m way off. You decide.


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