Back in the Atmosphere!

Well I made it back to Dallas on Tuesday. My plane actually made it in early! It was awesome. I made it in about 2 and we met for the first time this year at 4! This week has been titled “Back in the Atmosphere”. Declaring that we get together and have a lot of fun, and do a lot of team building stuff. It has been an amazing time. A few highlights have been breakfast with Pastor Joey, service with Pastor Lloyd, service with Ben, a couple evening prayer times, and MC Olympics. I loved all the events, but must make a note about the MC Olympics. MC Olympics is a bunch of games that we played and competed together with. We were divided into teams and played these games. Games like Ultimate Frisbee, water balloon volleyball, some relay races and other random games. Well in Ultimate I had an amazing experience! I was in the endzone and a friend of mine had the frisbee and I pointed to the opposite corner for him to throw it and lead me, well he did and I turned and ran after it keeping my eye on the frisbee, and since my eye was on the frisbee, I didn’t see the tree right in front of me and ran smack into it! Scraped up my ear and arms, not too bad, but wish I could have seen it on video! Then in one relay race we had to put a sleeping bag on our head and run down the field around a cone and back while being told where to go by a teamate. Well, I’m a runner so I took off as fast as I could, and well somehow got off track at the get go. I ran straight into my friend Sean, then James, then fell a few more times not sure who I ran into! It was a good time and I bet it was quite comical to see!


One thought on “Back in the Atmosphere!

  1. It would have been fun to see you battle the tree or smack into your friends. I’m glad you weren’t hurt too bad though. It sounds like pure freedom to run around and act like that though! I’m glad you made it back safely.

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