A New Year A New Decade!

Well last Saturday I turned 20! No longer a teen, I’m unsure if this is good or bad?! but nonetheless it has happened. I’m ready and looking forward to the decade of the 20’s!

Last night or this morning rather we rang in the New Year! Bring it on 2009!

Before I look on to my resolutions or personal goals rather for 2009 I’d like to reflect a little on 2008, as it was quite a year for me.

I started 2008 saying it was going to be the biggest year of my life, and it certainly held up to the hype I gave it. I had a few resolutions last year, but for positive thinking sake I will stick to the ones I accomplished. 1) No soda for the entire year! I’m gladly drinking Wild Cherry Pepsi while I type this as my first can of soda since 11:57 pm on Dec. 31 2007, when midnight struck however I did drink the majority of a two liter of Mountain Dew! 2) Run at least 20 minutes in every day between midnight and midnight. Today is the first day that I have not run since Dec. 31 2007! I turned into a runner and loved it! Another one of my goals of 2008 was that it was going to be a year of big steps for me, and I took a huge step leaving ISU and following after the dream and headed down to MCUSA. Not only did I sign up and look forward to go to Phoenix, but then ended up in Dallas instead. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else though! I love Dallas and I love Relevant Church! Other things that happened in 2008. I was still a drinker at the begginning of the year and drank on Jan 3, and a few other times, but haven’t drank since VEISHA 2008 which was in April and I wrote about it in a past post. I was a hidden chewer which many people didn’t know about or don’t until right now, but I quit that on May 8th as I moved from Ames to Iowa City. Other things, in political aspect I stepped up and lead 3 caucus meetings in January. This summer I made some of the greatest friends ever in Iowa City, it was the first time I was really close with other Christians. I have had a few other Christian friends, but this was the first time I had real fellowship and it was amazing. I love them so much! At MC I could put down a million things, so really I’ll leave that post for the end of MC reflection and my journal.

Okay well here are some of my goals for 2009. Not all of my goals are listed, as they are personal and putting it out here, might cause me to lose it.

1) MMTR- Mountain Masochist Trail Race- a 52 mile ultra marathon in Virgina, my brothers and I will join up with my cousins to run this in November. Not only does this mean doing the race, but I must commit to the training to do it in under the twelve hour time limit.
2) Bible Every Day- I failed this in 2008, but will accomplish it this year!
3) Blogging at least once every week for 2009.
4) Eating Healthier- I eat pretty junky, but want to get better at it this year.
5) Read at least three books every month.
6) Spend more time in prayer and fasting. I plan to kick of 2009 with a 21 day Daniel fast from January 11-31. For info. on why those days, check this site: http://www.awake21.org/
7) Work out more. Lately I justify not working out, because I run a lot, but my muscles have gotten a lot smaller, and I just feel “soft”. Time to change that wether that work out consists of just push ups and pull ups that is fine, but lately it has been nothing at all!
8) I have a lot of ideas for books and want to finish one by the end of the year.
9) Finish up Berean classes to apply for Assembly of God pastoral credentials, I started the classes a while ago, but need to finish!
10) Become a better speaker. In summer 2009 I plan on going on a speaking tour with a friend of mine at MC and we have a cause we want to help, and well there will be more to come on that in the coming weeks and months.

Well these are some of my goals, this year is going to be huge! I thought 2008 was big, but I know 2009 will be bigger, and great things will come!

What are your goals? I encourage you to write ’em down, and let people know them, because if you don’t you’ll hide and well, failing is a lot easier when nobody sees it, and you know nobody will see it!


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