Piecin’ it together

As I’m on this walk to find out who I really am, I am beginning to piece things together. Sometime last week I really found a revelation about who I am. Here is one of my journal entries from that day:
This morning I realized a big part of me is someone who never backs down from challenges. I knew this, but didn’t realize until this morning how long that this has been a part of me. Here is a few challenges I’ve gone after in my life:

  • Elementary: Went whole year taking my lunch and not eating at school
  • Elementary: Challenged my brother Seth to a game of one-on-one basketball on a hoop on the back of a door in the basement, declaring the loser had to drink from the toilet. I lost.
  • Junior High: Proved it was possible to have silver hair and be white.
  • JHigh: Challenged myself to no sex until marriage- still going- note this is before I came to really know Christ.
  • High School: Set goal to get Academic All-State as a freshman in high school and achieved it as a senior.
  • College/2008: Running 20 minutes every day, (almost achieved)
  • MC: A few for myself which need to be kept quiet

This is my life and who I am. I need to embrace this trait a little bit more and step up to the challenges posed to me and take advantage of them!


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