The Day That Started Normal

Today will never be forgotten. It was ridiculous! I woke up this morning, didn’t run, because I knew I’d have time this evening to do it, so I took the extra sleep. At 7:37am I posted on my Twitter I love my coffee in the morning! Excited for the unknown day ahead! Keyword here is unknown! Unknown is such an understatment. I pulled out of my parking space at 7:51 on my Jeep clock, I was pulling out a little late, but new I’d still make it on time to 8 am prayer at the MC building. I pulled out onto the street to leave our apartment complex, when the traffic was way backed up, I saw a couple guys walk up to their cars which were parked in front of me and get in them to leave. At this point I knew there had been a wreck. I knew that God wanted me to get out and go see if there was anything I could do. I got out walked over to the car and saw it was two of my friends who were in the car wreck. I stayed there for a while and just waited for them to make sure if there was anything I could do or just to see what was gonna’ happen to them. Thankfully they are both fine, but they were in the car for a while and it seemed to take forever before the ambulances and firetrucks got there.

After this I went to prayer at 8:45, listened to sermons, found out about our talent show we had tonight which was a lot of fun, then I went to lunch got back for drama and was at drama for about an hour before the next surprise came.

At about 3 pm one of the guys got me and said hey I need you and a couple others to go do some stuff. I didn’t know what we were doing, but the five of us went to Shane and Angel’s house to move some boxes for them. They are moving in the next few days and the hot water heater in their current home started shooting water all over the garage where they had a bunch of boxes. We took the boxes and moved them to their storage. Shane and Angel are awesome they bought us an amazing dinner! I am very thankful for that!

While we were finishing up moving the stuff into storage for them we met Pennie. Pennie came over to us and asked us if we could help her pull out the ramp on here U-Haul. CJ and Tyler went over and helped her. I then went over to see what was up. We saw what Pennie was trying to do and she was trying to move a bunch of stuff by herself. Now mind you Pennie is about 45 years old, not a big woman by anymeans and definitely not able to handle all that she had. We then made her allow us to help her and then went on to take all of her stuff to her house and helped her move it in. Through the conversations we had with Pennie we found out a lot about her, about her Ex-Husband, her children, and life in general. It was an awesome feeling to be a blessing to her tonight. She needed it, and I’m glad God put us in place and used us to help her out! On a funny note, while we were helping Pennie I went and used her bathroom. As I was buckling up my pants my belt buckle fell off into the toilet. I had to roll back the sleeves and reach in to the water after it! What a joy!

Tonight was a lot of fun. When we got done we went straight to the building to be a part of our talent show. It was a total joke. In that I mean it was hilarious. My team was assigned to do a uman video to the song Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K, and in the video we had to include some sort of dance. So much fun!

As I was driving back home tonight I got a text from a friend here at Masters saying to keep her family in my prayers as her house burned down. Thankfully they are all safe, but what a scare.

So much happened today. I can’t believe I made it through. I thank God for this day and all the blessings poured out in it! I hope tomorrow is a little bit more “normal”! I love it when we allow God to interrupt our day and take us places we never could have guessed!

Oh Yes I must give a shout out in this post to my awesome friend Leah!


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