Current Struggles

I always try to be as transparent as possible and let people know how I feel about something, or what I think about situations, so here is me being me! Currently I’m a little stressed! Not that I can’t handle what’s on my plate, but just feels like a lot right now. I know I’ll make it and do great, ‘cuz God won’t put me in a situation he won’t take me through!

My biggest struggle currently is figuring out who I really am, which I’m finding more and more about the real me everyday. I don’t know if it all makes sense, but I don’t always feel like I know me, and it’s quite frustrating. I want to be consistent and be the person God wants me to be. I don’t want to be the things that frustrate me in others, but don’t want that to define me either.

This is a really random and bad post. I don’t really understand all of this right now either, but this is what is on my mind.

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