Thankful for the Rain

Today was a storm! It rained for the most of the day, and I ran in it tonight. During the run I was thinking about the past week or so, and how rough it has been. It has been the hardest week of Masters so far. A lot has been going on, and it has hit me hard. I have complained, and struggled, and well not given my best through it all. During the run I remembered the song Frontline sings about being thankful for the rain, and struggles we go through. I realize that this rough patch is only going to build me up bigger than ever before. I realize that I am only going through this because something big is coming, and I need to be prepared for it. I realize that the storm will keep coming, but my perspective needs to be fixed, and I will succeed and thrive bigger than before. Are you going through a tough time? Are you feeling sorry for yourself like me? I challenge you to lift it up to God, and choose to have a better attitude about what is going on!


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