Selling Adam

Well for my Ministry Development Institute today, I have to give a little two minute talk as I am presenting myself to a Church board on why they should hire me as their Youth Pastor. A few things are required including our personal life mission statement, and our life verse. Here is my outline for the talk:

· Introduction: My name is Adam Kolosik. I am from North English, Iowa. I am a hard working kid that will never step down from a challenge.

o I am determined, disciplined, and honestly a little strange. I may not be the exact typical youth pastor, but I do not want to be normal or average.

o I dream big, and know that God will help me achieve these big dreams.

· Personal Mission Statement: To live such a way that I don’t have to tell people about Christ, but they see and feel it from my actions. To live the Extreme life of a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

o I will live the life of love and the passionate lifestyle Christ called us to live. I will lay it all down for him.

o Life Scripture: Colossians 3:23- Whatever you do work at it with all your heart as if working for the Lord not for men.

o I want to work harder than anyone else, and to remember that my work and everything I do is an act of worship to the Lord my God.

· Ministry Mission Statement: To raise up a new generation of leaders. To teach teenagers to lay down their lives to Christ, and to teach them to be our world’s leaders of tomorrow.

o To instill a Godly passion in them to strive and achieve excellence in whatever they choose to do.

o In leaders of tomorrow I do not just mean the future politicians, or CEO’s, but the musicians, artists, and the scientists as well.

o To take my life scripture and help teach teens to work as hard as they can in all things. And to not only do this through words of speaking, but to set the example in the way I live.

· Conclusion: Why do I think you should hire me as your Youth Pastor?

o I promise not be just another Youth Pastor.

o I will lay it all down to grow this ministry and not only that, but to grow the Kingdom of Heaven.

o I may not fit your mold or be exactly what you want, but I am willing to give you everything I have to be the best I can be, but not only to be the best I can be, but to be the best that God can help me to be.

What do you think? I think it displays me pretty well, but I need to keep practicing the delivery, as that is the important part now. I hope it communicates my heart and describes me better to others. This was a challenge to write, but I like it.


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