A Learning Experience

MC really challenges me. I love it here as I have learned so much already. I’m loving Restore the best. Restore is our street evangelism program in which we go to neighborhoods and want to restore them from the problems they currently have. Last week at Restore I walked past a pimped out SUV with a 20 something guy in the drivers seat. A teenage boy got out of the backseat of the car with a unique grin on his face. I happened to look through the windshield and see a girl sitting in the back. I may be quick to judge, which I try not to do, but I think the man driving was a Pimp, the girl in the backseat was a hooker, and the boy getting out just made a deal. This situation saddens me. First all the little kids running right next to these cars could see it, sad that this woman has turned to sex for money, sad that the Pimp makes his money off of taking advantage of poor women and horny kids, and sad that this kid in the back has turned to sex for some sort of fulfillment. These situations make me happy to help at restore and to show the little kids that they don’t need that junk that is around them. To show love to them, that maybe no one else does and that they can be whatever they want to be. ‘cuz what little kid dreams of being a pimp or hooker. I want these kids to achieve these dreams and to teach them to dream even when their situation may not be the best.


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