1 week

I’ve been here at MC in Dallas for a week now and it is amazing. I’ve learned a lot about what is about to come this year, and gotten a little taste of what it will all be like. We’ve gone canvassing, learned about each other, learned the curriculum, and done some kids outreaches already. Today we went and did five outreaches. It was amazing. I met a little boy named Jose and he rocked. He was one big eleven year old! I asked him if he had a lot of friends and he simply said no. This broke my heart to know that this kid, a child of God, doesn’t have many friends. I want to go back and love on this kid and really hope I get the opportunity to next weekend. I know we will do more outreaches, but I really want to go back and talk to Jose and just be his friend, to show and share the love God has for me. I am falling in love with these outreaches and this was the first one I’ve done! They challenge me as we do little skits in front of everyone, and really had to step out of my comfort zone to do them. I’m loving Masters and know that this will help me take my life to the next level to be the Extreme Christian God has called me to be!


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