September 11, 2001. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was sitting in Mr. Evers Pre-Algebra class in 7th grade. Sat in the front desk right next to the door. Ron Van Burkem came rushing into the room and told us to turn on the T.V. as The World Trade Centers had just been hit by an airplane. As we watched the T.V. the second building was hit and then the both fell. I watched this live. Next thing I knew the Pentagon had been hit as well. The whole day we just watched this chaos go on. That afternoon while at football practice we looked up at the sky and saw Air Force One flying over Iowa being escorted by jets. Crazy to think this was already 7 years ago. I pray for all the families that lost people in these crashes.

September 11, 2006. I will never forget this day either. The day the Cancer was removed from my Daddy. That was a crazy day as they took him in and removed his prostate. I am thankful to God that they were able to remove it all and take out the cancer.

9-11 has not been such a great day for me, but not a bad one this year with much anticipation of tomorrow!


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