Communication is Clutch

I’ve learned a lot in life, but one of the most important things I’ve learned as that communication is clutch. It makes all the difference in everything. It’s the difference of making the play or not making the play, getting the job or not getting the job, getting the girl or not getting the girl. Communicating makes the world go around. We all communicate differently and it is sometimes hard to get the different people to match up. Guys don’t always communicate the same as girls or necessarily the way girls expect either. I am not a great communicator, but I do a decent job. I don’t always let people know what on my mind or my real opinion. I want to start changing that and let people know how I feel at certain things. One of my goals through this next year of growth for myself at Masters Commission is to become a better communicator. Whether that means I will have to step on toes more or put myself on the edge a little bit more, thats okay, I’m going to take the risk and be a better communicator!


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