A Growing Hate

I am a Cyclone fan. I have been a Cyclone fan most of my life. This also means I am a fan of the Big 12. Being a Big 12 fan, I do not like the Big 10, as I also am not a big Hawkeye fan. Being an non-Big 10 fan I always cheer against the Big 10 when they’re playing Big 12 schools. This is just as any normal rivalry goes. I am starting to hate the Big 10, and more than just sports. This hate for the Big 10 is growing because they are greedy. They had to start their own television network. It pisses me off, and will really piss me off if the Iowa-Iowa State football game isn’t on anything but that network. I won’t be in Iowa for the game, but if it’s only broadcast on the Big 10 network, then I surely will not be able to watch it!


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