I went and got a haircut on Monday. I like a cheap cut, so I went to Wal-Mart and went to Cost Cutters to get my haircut. I gave them my name and phone number, and the pretty lady said it will be about 15 minutes. Hearing this I took a seat waiting by the door. I sat there twittering on my phone, and just thinking about things. While thinking to myself I though “hmm wonder if the cute girl will cut my hair”.

Then she said “Adam, I’m ready for you right over here.” I walked over, being the guy I am the first thing I noticed about her was her massive ring on her left-ring finger. Then I sat down in the chair while she cut my hair. It started with the awkward hair-cut chit-chat, but then I think we both got more comfortable as the conversation got more in depth. I found out that she is getting married on Saturday to a guy that went to Iowa State for a year, but then he transfered. She is pregnant and due in January. She loves jewelry. She thinks Heath Ledger is pretty, and her fiance looks like him.

hmm… what else.? Oh yes, she gave me some advise as well with girls. She said to be grateful for the things women do for men, they really appreciate it. She said this after saying her fiance better be grateful after she has the child in January. I think this is great advise as some men do not always appreciate the things their women do for them.

This is a random post, but for some reason this lady has been on my mind for the week. I pray her and her husband have a wonderful life together, and that their baby is healthy and has a wonderful life as well. I hope that they come to know Christ if they do not. I wish I would have talked to her about Jesus, but I didn’t. Maybe this is why she has been on my mind, for it’s highly possible that she will could end up in Hell, and I had the opportunity to share with her, but didn’t, because I was comfortable where I was.
I pray to God that he guide me and help me take advantage of these opportunities more often, and that He uses me to be a tool for his mighty kingdom!


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