Here is a dreaming cloud. Actually I took this photo on the 4th down at Rathbun, but often time clouds are correlated with dreams, and since I’ll be dreaming a little in this post I figured it’d fit to put this cloud!

I have big dreams. I refuse to settle for anything lower than them. Why do I dream? I don’t know what else to do. I love our kids at Awaken. I loved the kids at Shift 2:24 (Heartland youth group I helped with this last semester). I love teenagers. I don’t want to do anything else with my life than to help them be the best they can be. I want them to know Jesus, and have a major impact on our world. I may not have had a huge impact on this world, but I’m only 19, and I will before I die. I’m not stepping out and being cocky or overconfident. I am stepping by faith in God and believing him that I have been called for something much bigger than myself.

I have been through and seen a lot in my 19 years of life. If you know me I’m not the normal kid. I’m a dreamer, not just the dream upon cloud dreams, but visions of Christ. I have been commanded to “GO” and not just from the Matthew, but by Christ direct in vision. I know he wouldn’t give me this without having a major plan. Does this make me better or more special than anyone else? Absolutely not! I just have been lucky enough to have been given direct guidance. I love Jesus and He loves me. I want to share this love with the world and specifically the teenagers who will be our next generations leaders. I want to teach the kids of this world to be Extreme for Jesus. I don’t want to be a normal youth leader, and I refuse to be normal, ‘cuz I haven’t been yet in my life, and don’t plan starting anytime soon!

Most of you that read my blog already know most of these things, but I just have been feeling it on my heart a lot more than usual lately, and just needed to write it out there!


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