Saturday night I went to a party in New Sharon. There was a lot of drinking going on. Primarily underage drinking. I did not drink, as I have gone down that path, and know it hurts my relationship with Christ. I still went to hang out with friends, and did a little babysitting as well. At the party I encountered many strange, tough, and some down right funny situations.

I drove a car of friends to the party. On the way there I said “I hope I know more people than just you guys at the party”. As soon as I got out of the car on the gravel road I saw a car of people driving past me, and they yelled “ADAM!” From this point on I knew I would have some friends at the party.

Later at the party I was just standing around talking when a girl walked up and bit me on the neck. I was completely thrown off by this and backed away and asked what the heck she was doing, but by this point she was to the next guy biting his neck. I’m glad she didn’t get me very good as that would be quite embarrassing for me.

Later I was talking to the girl that bit me and she knows I’m a Follower of Christ. I don’t think she understands what that really entails, which saddens me that people don’t understand the concept of being a follower of Jesus. She is a Catholic girl, and kept making it a point to tell me she goes to church every Sunday, except when she parties she goes on Saturday nights, so she doesn’t have to wake-up early on Sunday morning. I finally asked her why she enjoys going to church, and she told me it makes her feel good having gone and sitting there and doing the “Jesus thing”. This absolutely pisses me off. Not what she said, but that she can be consistent to church and still not hear to Love and Truth of Jesus. She said to me “I heard drinking is a sin” as she took a pull of UV Blue. I explained to her that drinking while of age is not a sin, but underage drinking and getting drunk is a sin. She then with a sad look on her face said “Do you think God will forgive me if I go to confession and church next week?” It is my prayer that people like this will learn to repent and that there is more to life than parties, and getting drunk. I also make it my prayer that the church does not condemn them for drinking, but loves them for who they are, as transformation cannot happen until Christ is in there life.

As I was the one to drive the car, I kept the keys which meant I had to continually go back and forth to the car for them to get their alcohol out of the car. One time when we went to the car one of my friends said “Adam help me I made out with that kid and he won’t leave me alone now”. This made an awkward situation I do not condone what she did, but I felt the need to help her. I then just kept my arm around her for a while to make the guy think we were “together” and he just kept calling her cell phone, but wouldn’t come talk to her, so I did my part.

Later the same girl that bit me text my friend I had my arm around and it said “did you kiss him, I wanted to”. This was really weird to me, as I don’t hardly know the other girl and yeah just strange. This also says to me that she kept talking about church as she was just hitting on me thinking I would like her or kiss her, because I think she attends church.

On the way home we had to stop 3 or 4 times for a friend of mine to throw up on the side of the road. I cannot believe that I let myself do that before. I thank God I have moved past that point in my life, and pray for the people living in it right now.

I had fun with my friends, and learned a lot in one night, even though I’ve been to many parties, drinking and not drinking. This shows that we need to get out and meet the people where they are at as they are searching for something and they need Jesus. After all Jesus didn’t hang out with just the righteous, but with the ones that really needed him.


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