Big Big Daddy

What’s your picture of God? When you hear that word what does it mean? Do you see a judge and jury telling you your punishment? Do you see the beauty of this world? Do you see the first time you experienced him? Do you see that “religious” person who was terrible to you ‘cuz you are different? Many people have many pictures of God.

My picture of God is a Big Big Daddy. I have been blessed on this Earth to have an amazing father. My dad has always been there for me. He has provided the way a father should. He never missed a single event I had in school. He has done so much for me, that I can’t even begin to tell it all. Now, to think that God the creator of the Universe and this world, loves me not only like, but more than my earthly father. This paints a pretty amazing picture to me.

Now God wants us to love him as our Father as well, He wants us to voluntarily come to him, and give our best for him. He wants that same relationship as a Father and child. This is why I picture God as my Big Big Daddy, and I thank Him for loving me this way, the way my daddy does.

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