Worst Run of The Year

So today, well yesterday the 28th, I had the worst run of my year. Here is why!

I took off, and barely moved as the wind was crazy today. I thought I was going backwards at first, but after the first little bit the wind wasn’t too bad.

Next crappy thing to happen was, well you remember that snake I posted about in the falling apart post, well I saw his tale sticking out of his hole today on my way out. This means I thought about how I was going to cross that sidewalk from the point of passing it all the way until I got back to it, but luckily he was gone by the time I got back!

Right after I crossed the bridge on my way out, which is about the 4 minute mark on my 20 minute run the worst part hit me, and it hit hard! Well there is a problem with running too soon after you eat something, and this causes you to have to welll… poop. This was scary for me. I had to run the remainder of my jog worried that I was going to go in my pants. There are many random thoughts that came into my head such as, “if this happens, do I keep running and act like it didn’t happen or stop hold the shorts so nothing falls out and walk?” or the “do I run to make ground faster and also speed things on the inside, or slow down to help the fight, which then takes more time until I get to the toilet”, also the “I wish Aron was here, so I could sit and have him come pick me up”, also the “How long ’till I have to lose all pride and knock on a door?” Lots of prayer also went into this jog, which normally does happen, but more than usual!

In the end, I thank the Lord for getting me through that struggle!


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