Tonight at Awaken Youth we had an amazing time! I was set to “preach” for the first time, but really I didn’t preach. We started slow with just a couple kids, then started talking about how God has a purpose for our lives, as we are talking about “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. This was our third week of it, which is God’s third purpose for our life, to be like Jesus (discipleship).

As we got going with things more kids kept coming in and out of the room. Many of the kids became very interested in the discussions we were having. The kids had so many questions tonight, and I loved it. My brother Aron and I kind of tag teamed the answers and the “sermon”.

These questions weren’t easy ones either, but we gave them all the Biblical truth we had. Some questions we had to say flat out we didn’t know, and others we had to give them answers they didn’t want to hear, but it was right out of God’s word.

Also, normally we get done with the “church” part of Awaken about 8:15, and play games and stuff ’till 9, but tonight we had to cut the conversations short as we were being kicked out of the rec center as they close at 9!

One of the more encouraging parts at Awaken tonight, was when Aron and I were walking to the car we walked past all the kids and stopped for a minute. One kid said “so you guys do this every week?” I then replied “yes, every Thursday 7:00 except next week for the holiday”, he says “right here?” I nodded and said yes, then he said, “cool, I wish I’d have known you guys were doing this, I’d have been coming for a while.” This is encouraging for this kid to see God, through our love and truth.

It was an amazing night, I praise God for those kids and pray for them to have a wonderful week, and hope they seek after a real relationship with Christ!


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