Falling Apart

Falls Apart by Thousand Foot Krutch

These past few days I really feel like I’m falling a part! Kinda funny, but scary stuff all at once! It starts last week when my brother said to me “ready to sleep ’till noon on Saturday?” I responded “nah I don’t think I’m going to this week, it really messes me up when I sleep that late.” Well guess what! I finally got out of bed and around at about 1 in the afternoon, which means I slept straight through noon o’clock.

Then that night guess what happened! I couldn’t fall asleep, but had to be up and leaving for church at 7:20 to help set up. I woke up at 7:17, and we were out the door at 7:24. I hate that feeling of being late, but it worked out.

Last night as Aron and I were crossing the I-380 bridge on our way back to the house from our nightly run, I yell and high step and get awfully close to Aron. At this point he is wondering what the heck is going on, I continue to pick up pace a little for the next 10 – 15 seconds as I distance myself from what I saw. A big freakin’ snake! If I only have one fear it’s a snake. They creep me out like nothing else, and I’ve dealt with some spooky stuff in my time.

The next piece of me falling apart happened tonight as Aron and I were lounging on the couches watching some TV. I dosed off in an awkward position with my legs up on the arm of the chair and the rest of my body below them. I suddenly woke up, it was about 7:25 pm and I saw the clock and threw myself upright thinking to myself “Oh Crap! I’m late for work!”. I thought it was 7:25 am, and as I threw myself upright my legs happened to fall asleep and they hit the floor with a loud THUD. Aron couldn’t stop laughing as he saw my face and thought as I threw my legs down, that my whole body would follow onto the floor, but luckily that part didn’t happen.

I’m hoping that this is all of me that is falling apart for now, and the rest of the week goes a lot more smoothly!


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