A Runner?

This picture shows how I have felt a few times when I’ve been running this year! Many thoughts could fill a bubble above the head as I run. The most common ones are probably “I hope in you Lord, ‘cuz there is no way I’m going to make it on my own,” (praying with Isaiah 40:31) or sometimes the “am I going to make it to the toilet or be carrying a little extra at the end”. Or the “15. . . 10. . . 5. . . minutes left”.

On January 1st of this year my brother Aron, brother-in-law Roger, and I set off on a journey. The journey to run at least 20 minutes every single day in 2008. Winner gets. . . nothing, just satisfaction and the pursuit of becoming a more disciplined person. The origin of this challenge did not come from any of us. It came from our cousin Travis, as he is an ultra-marathon runner. He runs in a 50 mile race every year and the running everyday is part of his training. It was his idea to try to run 365 days for at least 20 minutes, but he has not successfully completed it yet. One cool thing about our challenge is that it is a leap-year, so we get to run 366 days this year, if successful.

The year is nearly half over, and one question I continue to ask myself is, am I a runner. It’s hard for me to consider myself a runner, even though I have done it everyday so far this year. It’s hard, because I used to hate running so much, but I’ve really learned to appreciate it much more over the past months.

Some of my most spiritual conversations with God have been while running these past few months. Running helps me get away a little and just hear His voice. Since I’ve been here in Iowa City, I’ve been able to run with Aron a lot. I like this, as we can really talk and dream, and tell each other things to pray about for each other.

If anyone knows me, they know I’m a dreamer. I’ve had so many ideas for dreams and hopes come through my head as I run. One stays constant. That is to bring Jesus to as many teenagers and youth as I can. I want them to see the love Christ has for them, and how great there life can be with Him!

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