Well, it seems as if everyone is starting to blog. I figured I’d give it a shot and see how it works for me, and I knew if I wanted to have akolosik as my url I had better start this thing soon as my brother Aron will probably have one soon and try to take that from me!
I finished my first year of college last week and it was fantastic. A few hours after I finished my last final I was on my way from Ames to move in with my big bro and his family. I know my sister is a little jealous that I’m now farther from her and closer to Aron and Mom and Dad, but it will all work out. This summer I will be working with Fru-Con and learning a little bit more about the construction business. In September I will be moving to Phoenix, AZ for nine months to enroll in a program called Masters Commission to study and do full-time ministry.
Well that’s all I got for my first blog! Hopefully I’ll actually do this thing and there will be more to come!


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